Weekly:  Wednesday healing prayer

Every Wednesday from (noon) 12:00 - 1:30PM    We believe in MIRACLES

A lunchtime favorite for many who work in the area.  Many stop in for a time of refreshing and refocus as we turn our eyes and hearts on Jesus our healer.  We rest surrounded by beautiful worship music often quietly praying for each other.

Intercession is made for all patients in Rochester, doctors, medical facilities and workers.

As our guests arrive our prayer volunteers lay hands on those who desire personal prayer for healing. Feel free to come and go quietly as time permits. Walk ins are always welcome.


School of Champions of Prayer

Intercessors at the International House of Prayer are champions—and highly skilled at what they do. Our Champions of Prayer gatherings provide opportunities to increase our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and excel in praying on the behalf of others. We share time in the word of God, worship, and moving intercession. This is who we are and what we do!