Champions of Prayer

Classroom environment:  Third Saturday of each month.  

Check for updates.  We do adjust for Holiday Weekends.

A High Call and a High Honor

Champions of Prayer are fully submitted to the heart of God. The hand of God is upon them for such a time as this.
A Champion is a person who fights or argues for a cause, one who stands on behalf of someone else. We fight the good fight of faith and having done all we stand.
A Champion is an advocate, promoter, supporter, and defender, a crusader for the cause and will stick up for someone.
A Champion is highly skilled and well trained to perform with excellence the highest standard in their field.
Champions are dedicated. They pay the price required to be outstanding for Jesus, themselves, and on behalf of others.
A Champion is unashamed, fully persuaded, and entirely focused. They know who they are.
Champions are all for one and one for all. 

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